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Hi, and thanks for your interest in promoting CB Profit Poster! We put a lot of work in this plugin so the customers will be happy. And we put a lot of work into the salesletter and promo materials, so you will be a happy JV partner :-) If you need anything, just email me at george.katsoudas.jv [at] gmail.com - Thanks, George Katsoudas.

Marketers who have promoted recent offers of mine:

Dave Guindon, Ian del Carmen, John Delavera, Colleen Slater, Vicki Nguyen, Derek Pierce, Bryan Winters, Heri Rosyadi, Ryan Stevenson, Tony Newton, Brad Spencer, Kathe Lucas, Mike Morgan, Shannon Herod, Matt Garrett, Edna Melendez, Brian Terry, James Campbell, Jeff Lam, Jeremy Kelsall, Ken Reno, Marian Krajcovic, Mike Lantz, Reed Floren, Richard Wing, Sam England, Scott Raven, Traian Turcu, the "Wacky Gals" (Kathe Lukas and Denise Hall), Scott Stamper, Shaun Texier, Shawn Anderson, and many more :-)

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The following are two special reports I had written that had generated a ton of positive feedback. I have completely removed my name and any reference to my sites:

The #1 reason you fail online (and what to do about it)

How to overcome online information overload

You can create a page that has these bonuses and include the download link within Warrior Plus automatically. Or, you can just include the direct links to these zip files on my server:



Just go to Affiliates ==> Get Offer Links , next to "CB Profit Poster Wordpress Plugin" click "details" and the field to insert the bonus download link will appear. Enter the bonus URL and click "add."

Repeat for the offer "CB Profit Poster Wordpress Plugin Developer's License"

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