The End Result That CB Profit Poster Creates:

CB Profit Poster Admin Panel Screenshots:


How CB Profit Poster Works:

Step 1: You select the criteria or "filters" you want: Keywords, negative keywords, Clickbank category, Clickbank subcategory, sorting order, language - and then click one button.

Step 2: Name your Clickbank affiliate "table" and finalize its look. You can edit the content or delete entries altogether.

Step 3: Enter the table shortcode in your posts or pages. You can do so easily with a button above the edit-post text area.

Done! :-)

3 great reasons to add CB Profit Poster to your arsenal:

1) It makes your blogs more valuable to your visitors by easily adding "top recommended products" sections on your blog.

2) The Clickbank affiliate tables look profesional with a thumbnail of the merchant's website that's created automatically

3) You can easily customize each product entry in your affiliate "table" - you can edit the content, add your own HTML, change the call to action, upload a different button etc...

What others like you say about CB Profit Poster:

"Got my first sale from the plugin within a couple days"

Hey George,

This plugin's a winner. Simple to install. As you said, intuitive when it comes to setting it up. I had it up and running within about 20 minutes. Got my first sale from the plugin within a couple days. (I wasn't running any special traffic to it - just set up a page on one of my sites and watched what happened.)

This is going to add income to a lot of my sites. Can't believe how well it works. Thanks for this - gonna make some easy Clickbank money from this plugin!

Russ Banister

"if ClickBank is part of your marketing strategy, get this now"

CB Profit Poster is the latest addition to my WP marketing toolbox. It's very fast, light and easy to install. Although there are specific help texts for each section, I did not find

them necessary as the small amount of individual settings are highly intuitive and should be a breeze for anyone who has even just looked at the CB Marketplace.

It used to take me hours to research profitable products in ClickBank and even more time putting my pages together. Now I can do it all, almost 100% automatically, in just

minutes - easy as 123...

1. Select product(s)
2. Add CB Nickname
3. Add shortcode to page/post

In addition to quickly defining product selection by specific keywords and/or CB category/subcategory, you can also filter products by Gravity, Popularity, Avg $/sale or

Keyword Relevance. Not only that, but you can also select English, French, German or Spanish. (HINT: Just in the past 10 minutes I've found a least 3 new high potential

niches I am going to investigate further!)

With easy point and click design options this is a great tool for newbies. For the more advanced designer there are almost endless opportunities to add seamless integration

to any website.

Products can be added one at time with the possiblility of adding your own introduction text. This is great for single review pages, or add as many products as you wish to any

post/page on your site. You can even make a "recommended products" page and add a list of as many products as you like. There are plenty ways to use this plugin to create

extra passive income.

Seriously, if ClickBank is part of your marketing strategy, get this now - your life is about to get a whole lot easier!

Chris Freeman

"It is like pressing the easy button."

CB Profit Poster is a time saving easy to use plugin! I Searched Click Bank by Category & Keyword selected the products to include in the comparison table & created my

first comparison page in less than 2 minutes. It is like pressing the easy button.

Thanks for letting me review the plugin.

Robert Vesci

"Ease of use: 10/10 - Effectiveness: 10/10"

Selecting appropriate Clickbank ads and inserting them into my WordPress sites has always been overly time consuming – until now.

The CB Profit Poster WP Plugin has certainly changed the way, and the speed, at which I can select and set up CB ads, either as individual ads or as review comparison


The notes I received with my review copy claimed that the plugin was intuitive – and boy – is it ever.

I tested the plugin on one of my new development sites.

Once installed, the wizard allows you to make a wide range of choices about CB product selection, ad display and ad content – simply by clicking the clearly labelled options.

And if you are unsure about which to choose, every one of the options has a Help tag where the implications of your choices are clearly explained.

We see the term 'Game Changer' applied to many new IM products, often more hype than reality.

But for anyone wanting to use Clickbank ads on their WordPress sites – the CB Profit Poster plugin is a REAL game changer.

I'm about to revise, and enhance, the CB ads on all my existing sites ASAP using this plugin.

Ease of use: 10/10
Effectiveness: 10/10

John Vanse

"very "noob" friendly"

The new CB Profit Poster WP Plugin is awesome. The whole process from start to finish takes around 5 minutes. The instructions within the plugin are a basic step-by-step

and very "noob" friendly so if you are new to the game then you will have no problems understanding how this plugin works and how to operate it.

Once the plugin is uploaded then all you have to do is enter 5 keywords of your choice or just enter the category your entering into that corresponds to your chosen topic then

click save, then you will have a list of all the ads returned from your chosen keyword selection or category selection, make your selection or select all, then create a post or

edit an existing post and click a single button and that will place some code which will place all the ads you have selected into your post on your website.

The results on your site are awesome, something so simple yet so powerful with mind blowing results. This plugin is designed in a way that no matter what experience you

have you can use this plugin with ease. I will be incorporating this plugin into a vast majority of my sites as well as having the power to attract traffic to your webites it is also

very attractive and informative to brighten up any website.

Best Regards


"another stroke of genius"

The plugin was a breeze to activate and very intuitive to use. I had my first chart created and into a post in about 3 - 5 minutes.

Here are just a few of the features that for me makes this a must-have piece of software:

1. Table development is push-button simple and easy

2. Placing tables in posts and pages using shortcode for each makes the process a no-brainer

3. Having the ClickBank Affiliate ID automatically added to each product listed is ideal

4. Being able to add tracking means being able to see the value of individual traffic sources

5. Since the plugin is keyword-driven in finding products, the plugin can easily be used to create niche blogs monetized primarily with CB products

6. The plugin allows almost infinite flexibility in designing the page or post around the CB comparison table

7. The plugin automatically excludes products whose web sites are non-functioning (no dead links)

My overall rating of this plugin is that you "knocked the ball out of the park" with this one. I have purchased most of your WSOs because you keep coming up with great ideas

that are well executed. This one, however, is very SPECIAL. Anyone who markets ClickBank products using this plugin with have a very large and distinct advantage that I

believe will show up in their bottom lines.

Again, thanks for giving me the opportunity to test this products. It is another stroke of genius.

Ed Durham

"This is going to be a great plugin for my niche sites"

I was lucky enough to have a review copy of CB Profit Poster.

Being a novice I found this plugin easy and it took just a minute to produce a whole page of clickbank products. There is little to do, it really is that simple, a few steps to

choose your clickbank products, save it and then add the short code to a page or post and WOW its really is that simple.

This is going to be a great plugin for my niche sites


"so simple to use"

I had the opportunity to review CB Profit Poster. I installed it on 3 different sites. I really like the plugin. It is very simple to use out of the box with no instructions. Plug in your

clickbank id and keyword, and it automatically selects Clickbank products for sale. It picks up a snippet from the sales page to post automatically.

The plugin is so simple to use, which I have come to take for granted with your plugins. It can be used for a Clickbank Review site.

Debra Kail

"I recommend this plug-in"

If you are thinking about ClickBank I would recommend this plug-in as it rather nifty... and it does what it says on the label – you can create tables that allow you visitor to

compare products.

Setting up and getting results takes about 30 seconds, the biggest decision is what size image to select and if you want the image left or right.

You get positive and negative keywords - you can exclude the products that have words not suitable for your market - Make Money doesn't really sit well with the Dog Training Market.

You can choose which products to include in the table. And thats it BANG you have a table to include in posts OR pages its as simple as that.

One thing I like is the table includes the image of the landing page so when the visitor clicks through they land on a page they are expecting to land on.

In my opinion a great plugin so click the buy it now button ASAP

Nick Johnson

"you have hit the nail on the head"

Hi George!

As usual, you have hit the nail on the head again!

I have had time to try out your new CB Profit Poster plugin on two of my sites and must say that it was as easy to set-up and use as you promised. Within a couple of minutes

of installation, I had my first product comparison table ready to insert into my post.

I particularly like this because I am able to write a completely original post around the table so that it will not look like an autoblog post to Google. Also, because I use my own

selection criteria, even the table itself would not likely be EXACTLY replicated by other plugin users.

Anyone who is currently using WordPress blogs and ClickBank together would be foolish not to try out this great product

Roy Wallace

"Another dream plug in"

Another dream plug in from George this guy delivers every time, this plugin is easy to install and set up, just pop in your clickbank I.D. load in your keywords, choose how

many products you want to list, press a button which produces a short code for your page or post, very simple, click next, and your post appears lovely graphics details etc of

your chosen products, click on buy it goes to the main site with your affilate link cloaked, best and easiest to set up plug in, I've seen for a while !If your into click bank ---- this

is a must have...

Brilliant work George !!


"Smooth as silk"

I've found that this new Wordpress plugin, "CB Profit Poster," works flawlessly to create some highly usable product content on several of my test sites, and that it's my

observation that all your plugins are working more and more smoothly now.

"Smooth as silk" is what I can say.

Many thanks and please keep up the good work!

Best regards,

John Chen

"Thumbs up"

CB Profit Poster is another one of those plugins that are designed to make IM a little less aggravation.

This is a time saver and researcher at the same time. In a nutshell this is what you can expect.

This is a WP plugin which installs in the standard WP fashion and is accompanied by the upgrademe plugin which allows for automatic updates directly from WP. George

does this with all his plugins.

All you have to provide is your ClickBank ID and your chosen KeyWord. Then you can search through 23 categories and the accompanying sub-categories to find a suitable

CB product to sell. The search can be sorted by gravity, anv$/sale, popularity or Keyword relativity.

The search is blazing fast and the results are displayed in a very clear fashion.You do have the ability to upload any style of call to action button and input any text you fill appropriate.

This is another winner from George to go along with his other plugins. I give this a THUMBS UP...give it a try, George responds quickly to any questions or issues you may have.

Len (lenj2020 on the warrior Forum)

"grab this while you can"

Wow! CB Profit Poster is another George Katsoudas winner.

This is a brilliant concept to do for Clickbank sales what has already been done for Amazon affiliates.

It was so easy to set and forget with my WP accounts which means it is "idiot proof" if I can do it. Altogether about five minutes from downloading the files to full working

action, wonderful!.

Although it is a bit early to see the results, I am confident that this is going to be a major player in increased sales for my Clickbank account, and I urge anyone who is remotely

interested in online income to grab this while you can.

Thank you George, you've done it again.


John Burrows

"The listings produced by the plugin are attractive and should help you increase your ClickBank sales"

The CB Profit Poster plugin is remarkably easy to use, as well as being extremely versatile. The plugin uses a "wizard" interface that allows you to choose virtually every

aspect of what will be displayed. You can choose your listings by ClickBank category and sub-category, or use keywords to narrow the focus even further. You can append a

tracking ID to the cloaked link, and you can choose how many words from the vendor's site you want displayed in your listings. The plugin also gives you a choice of button

styles and colors since you can upload your own button image or use the default one supplied. One of the very nice features of the plugin, and one that is rarely seen, is that

every choice has a help information screen attached to it. If you're ever not sure what to enter, just click on help and it will appear. The listings produced by the plugin are

attractive and should help you increase your ClickBank sales.This is a great plugin.

Scott Shannon

"an incredible affiliate Wordpress plugin"

It's an incredible, yet another wordpress affiliate plugin from George. Who is George? By the way I thought to give a review about this CB Profit Poster plugin choosing the

acronym G.E.O.R.G.E.

Get the high selling CB products just by
Entering keywords relevant to your post/page and it
Outputs them in the order of your choice amongst gravity, popularity, average earnings persale or keyword relevance and makes this plugin
Remarkably, the simple, funny and effective way to monetize from CB as an affiliate on evey page and post of your blog. I may be biased if I did not say this plugin as a
Groovy plugin that is need of the day and grabs attention of the visitor instantly. Isn't it an
Excellant strategy to outwit your visitor, psychologically too and get profits

So, what are you waiting for yet? If you're not buying it, then you may be missing a fortune.

S.K. Indusekar, Webmaster

"takes the hard work out of creating niche specific sites"


Let me first say that I was excited to be chosen as one of the beta-testers for this product. You have more than addressed all of the areas that needed changing. In a word:

CB Profit Poster is fantastic. This plugin takes the hard work out of creating niche specific sites geared around or including ClickBank products.

The plugin is extremely user friendly. Without reading a manual/checklink or watching a video, I was able to install the plugin and create my first chart of products within 5

minutes. CB Profit Poster is truly intuitive to use. Being able to edit the product text that is automatically imported within the charts makes it simple to deal with SEO or to

upgrade the seller's sale pitch where desirable.

I have seen nothing else on the market that can match the simplicity of use and the power of presentation contained in this product. This is a no-brainer purchase for anyone

who creates niche review sites that include CB products. It doesn't get any easier than keyword driven charts with shortcode placement in a post or on a page.

Ed DeJoliet

Your testimonial will go here! :-)

I DARE any competitor to match my
10-times-your-money-back guarantee:

Download CB Profit Poster. Use it to add as many Clickbank affiliate tables on your blogs as you want. If you don't make back in net profit AT LEAST 10 times the price you paid for the plugin, that you wouldn't have made otherwise, just send me a personal email within 60 days and let me know.

Either you make 10 times your money back or I'll give you every penny back and you get to keep CB Profit Poster as my way of saying "thanks for giving this an honest try."

If for any reason (or no reason at all) you think it's it's just not right for you, let me know and you'll get every penny back.

I want you to be a happy customer. Besides, even if you decide that CB Profit Poster isn't for you, we can always do business together again in the future.

Start making more profits from your blogs in the next 5 minutes:

CB Profit Poster ecoverTo get your hands on CB Profit Poster, just click the "yellow-orange" button below.

You will be redirected to the Paypal order form where you can order with your Paypal account (or just a credit card).

After your order comes through, you will be immediately redirected to the download page that has the download link to the plugin and all the accompanying materials.

If you need any help ordering, just send me an email and I'll personally get back to you ASAP.

Developer's License:
(Use the plugin on client's websites or sell sites that have been monetized with CB Profit Poster, and still have the plugin installed on them. You can also use it on unlimited domains that you own).

CB Profit Poster Wordpress Plugin

Multi-Site License:
(use on UNLIMITED domains you own)

CB Profit Poster Wordpress Plugin

Single-Site License:

(use on ONE domain you own)

CB Profit Poster Wordpress Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is one of the largest online digital marketplaces. Ebooks, videos, software, and access to membership sites can be sold in the marketplace. Clickbank supplies affiliates with products to sell. You can joining as a Clickbank affiliate for free and start selling affiliate products immediately for up to 75% commissions.

What are the best uses for CB Profit Poster?

1) Create "recommended products" sections on your blog quickly and easily
2) Allow your visitors to see at a glance some of the available products in a niche
3) Stand out from other affiliates with visually appealing "comparison tables"

Will CB Profit Poster work with (plugin 123, theme abc, host XYZ)?

It most likely will. But you can try the free demo before you purchase to make sure :-)

What does the CB Profit Poster output look like?

Check out the CB Profit Poster demo blog (new window)

Will I get any updates after I purchase?

All customers receive free life-time upgrades. We continually add new features and improve our plugins. Some of these modifications are pretty costly too - however you will never pay for any upgrades. We support our plugins and we support our customers.

Who are you and why should I buy from you?

My name is George Katsoudas. I've been marketing online for 9 years. I'm obsessed with taking complex processes and simplifying them as much as possible. For the last 3 years I have been focusing on developing Wordpress plugins. At this point I feel I have the entire process down and know exactly how to develop a plugin that adds real value, is easy to use and free of bugs. I aim to create happy customers, one at a time - and hope we can have a long-term business relationship together.

What if I purchased the personal license and now I want to have the developer's license?

You can upgrade. Just open a support ticket. Include your initial Paypal purchase receipt as well. I'll get back to you ASAP and tell you how to upgrade :-)

How can I get customer support?

Sometimes, things happen. A server may not be configured properly to work with the plugin, or you may just feel "lost." No worries :-). Just open a support ticket and I'll solve your problem for you in less than 24 hours (may be a bit more on the weekends).